Asphalt Applications
Source: "Road Trip: Demonstrations", from the August, 2012 National Pavement Preservation Conference

THIN-LIFT ASPHALT PAVEMENT - Thin-Lift Asphalt Pavement has quickly become one of the leading pavement preservation treatment choices of both agencies and the traveling public. With its smaller aggregate size, these mixtures are able to be placed very thin without causing damage to the final mat due to aggregate fracture and/or aggregate drag marks under the screed. Also, thin-lift asphalt maintains attention to mixture volumetric properties, therefore, performance characteristics such as stability and durability are important. With these characteristics, it is easy to see why thin-lift asphalt is being selected by agencies to achieve a smooth, durable new surface to preserve the integrity of the underlying pavement structure. In this Pavement Preservation demonstration, Lojac Enterprises, Inc. will be addressing a very common problem found in most downtown city environments. Whether big or small, most every city deals with streets that are extremely rough due to not only age, but numerous utility cuts. Also, with curb-and-gutter, a conventional overlay would not be appropriate. In this application, Micro, or Profile Milling will be utilized to first take off the high spots and unevenness in the existing surface. Then, a 3/4 inch lift of asphalt pavement will be placed to achieve a smooth, impermeable, new riding surface that will protect the pavement structure below. As an added bonus, while the asphalt will still look black, it will actually be very "green". The new mixture will contain a percentage of recycled asphalt pavement (RAP) to reduce the amount of virgin materials used, as well as, a Warm-Mix Asphalt technology will be used to produce the mix at much lower production temperatures. Demonstrated by LOJAC ENTERPRISES, INC.

[For a video demonstrating this concept, see Savemyroad video.]

WRIGHT ASPHALT PRODUCTS CO. - TRMSS - A tire rubber modified asphalt emulsion surface sealer which fully incorporates recycled tire rubber and applies as easily a standard fog seal system. TRMSS provides excellent UV oxidation protection and weather resistance superior to that of any other sealer on the market. TRMSS is applied with standard distributors or spreading equipment at conventional application rates depending on surface texture. TRMSS is a stable, environmentally friendly, ready to use product that allows quick release to traffic. All this combines to give agencies a powerful pavement preservation tool in their arsenal.

PAVECOAT COATING, INC. - STAR ROAD - GUARD - Is a specialty coating, designed for road surfaces that have deteriorated over the years of use. STAR ROAD-GUARD is an outstanding asphalt emulsion-based pavement coating that is far superior in performance compared to the conventional surface treatments. STAR ROAD-GUARD is formulated with tough rubber/ polymers, specialty chemicals and select mineral fillers which impart flexibility and durability to the coated pavement surfaces. To maximize the performance properties, the rubber/polymer is hot-blended during the manufacturing process. Two coats of Road Guard are normally applied at a 20% dilution and a 4 lb. per gallon sand load by either squeegee or spray to give maximum performance.

ASPHALT SYSTEMS, INC. - GSB-88 - A chemically engineered asphalt pavement sealer comprised of a cationic emulsion of Gilsonite ore and specifically selected plasticizers. GSB-88 provides a durable, flexible top coat, while plasticizers and oils slightly penetrate and rejuvenate the asphalt binder. The Gilsonite seal provides a long wearing anti-oxidative protective seal for the surface of the asphalt pavement. GSB-88 is odorless, nontoxic, noncarcinogenic, and nonflammable. GSB-88 has a proven life cycle of 3 to 5 years.

[For a video demonstrating this concept, see Savemyroad video.]

SEALMASTER - LIQUID ROAD - Is a high performance mineral and fiber reinforced asphalt emulsion blended with polymers, special surfactants, and approved aggregate to provide not only oxidation and weather protection, but a lasting surface to aged roadways. Liquid Road is applied in two coats with a single self-propelled squeegee machine and can be opened to traffic within two to four hours under ideal weather conditions. Liquid Road is an environmentally friendly asphalt based surface restoring product which should provide many years of renewed life to aging asphalt at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

WESTERN EMULSIONS - PASS QB TEXTURE SEALTM - For the first time, there is an effective treatment to rejuvenate, seal, extend pavement life and maintain the skid resistance on paved asphalt surfaces, including open and gap-graded Rubberized Asphalt Concrete pavement. While typical pavement Emulsion Fog and Emulsion Rejuvenating Fog seals generally meet the intent, they all reduce the skid resistance characteristics of the asphalt surface. The PASS QB Rejuvenating Texture Seal restores vital properties to the asphalt while enhancing skid resistance and finish. Quick and cost-effective, this treatment is ideal for relatively newer pavement surfaces (3 to 5 years old) showing initial signs of raveling, oxidation, and/or minor micro cracking. Typical service life on good candidate pavements is extended by 3 to 5 years at a very low unit cost. The Rejuvenating Texture Seal is applied to the roadway using a specialized rate-controlled distributor truck that dispenses both the PASS QB emulsion and BSA-35 black sand in one single time-saving application. The high-performance PASS emulsion with sand seals small cracks, stops the loss of fine surface particles, and retains surface aggregate on older roadways to help prevent damage to vehicles caused by loose rock. The use of the black sand enhances delineation and adds a micro-wearing surface, which assists in extending the life of the pavement. As a maintenance practice, the PASS QB Texture Seal is environmentally friendly. The emulsion product is water based, solvent-free and is applied at a temperature that eliminates airborne emissions. Demonstrated by PAVEMENT RESTORATIONS, INC.

CRAFCO - This application will be demonstrating proper pavement preparation for and placement of crack sealant. Participants will see and understand the best practices to improve the life and performance of crack sealing for pavement preservation. We will highlight a routed reservoir, dust free cleaning with compressed air and a vacuum, no waste environmentally friendly sealant packaging and several different sealant placement configurations. You will see the latest technology for crack sealing and understand the proven ways to assure the best performance.

[For a video demonstrating this concept, see Savemyroad video.]

CHIP SEAL - A Chip Seal is typically an application of an asphalt binder onto a roadway surface followed immediately by an application of cover aggregate which is rolled to orient the aggregate and swept to remove loose particles prior to opening to uncontrolled traffic. Chip Seals are used in upgrading gravel roads to paved roads but are most commonly used as a pavement preservation treatment on previously paved surfaces. A Chip Seal restores friction values, protects the underlying pavement from the effects of UV oxidation and seals small cracks against water intrusion thereby extending the life of the roadway. There are many variations of chip seal where multiple applications of aggregate and binders are used, each with a specific benefit and construction technique. Demonstrated by HIGHWAYS, INC.

[For a video demonstrating this concept, see Savemyroad video.]

CAPE SEAL - An application of a Single Course Chip Seal followed by an application of either a Slurry Seal or a Micro Surfacing. The Chip Seal may be either a conventional version or a Rejuvenating Chip Seal depending on the pavement condition and needs. With this economical pavement preservation technique, each individual treatment compliments the strengths of the other. The underlying Chip Seal effectively seals the cracks and waterproofs the roadway while the Slurry Seal or Micro Surfacing provides a high quality riding surface and wearing course that eliminates loose aggregate that can be a hazard in high speed or heavy traffic environments. Demonstrated by HIGHWAYS, INC. & VANCE BROTHERS.

MICRO SURFACING - A mixture of a cationic polymer-modified asphalt emulsion, mineral aggregate, mineral filler, water, and other additives, properly proportioned, mixed, and spread on a prepared paved surface. Micro Surfacing can be applied in multiple lifts and is used to fill ruts, accomplish minor leveling and restore friction to roadways. From county roads to city arterials and collector streets to interstate highways and airports, Micro Surfacing is used for all traffic types and volumes. The exceptional friction properties achieved during application remain very high throughout the service life of the treatment. Incorporating the universally accepted engineering mix design process helps assure project performance. Demonstrated by VANCE BROTHERS.

[For a video demonstrating this concept, see Savemyroad video.]

REJUVENATING SCRUB SEAL- A Rejuvenating Scrub Seal is a mass crack sealer that utilizes a polymer modified rejuvenating emulsion and can address moderate to severe roadway distresses that otherwise would require a mill and fill to be effective. The application process is similar to that of a Single Course Chip Seal with the exception being that there is a broom sled that is typically attached to the distributor. The broom acts to gather an excess of emulsion and to hydraulically force the rejuvenating binder into the cracks and voids before the application of the cover stone. A rejuvenating scrub seal can address cracks that are much wider than the '/4" limit placed on conventional chip seals and return to traffic times are extended only modestly if at all. Demonstrated by HIGHWAYS, INC.

FIBERMAT® - Type A & B is the ultimate crack inhibiting, waterproofing and sealing membrane. Used as a flexible membrane interlayer prior to an overlay or as a surface course, FiberMat® consists of a combination of polymer modified asphalt emulsion, chopped fiberglass strands and quality crushed aggregate. It can be used on Highways, Streets and Roadways, State and Metro Parks, Airport Runways and Taxiways, Asphalt and Concrete Pavements, and Milled and Non-Milled Surfaces. Demonstrated by STRAWSER CONSTRUCTION INC.

SKIDABRADER/RECLAMITE - A unique and innovative pavement preservation tool which state DOT and other highway departments can now use for extending the life of their higher speed asphalt roadways including interstate highways. The Skidabrader is a specialized machine that is used to increase the skid numbers on roadway surfaces by etching the surface using a method similar to sand blasting. The surface abrasion process blasts the pavement with steel bb like pellets to etch the surface. During the one-pass process the pellets are recaptured and a vacuum system removes all of the abraded material leaving a very clean surface ready for traffic with much higher skid numbers. Reclamite is a maltene based cationic petroleum resin that is used to rejuvenate the asphalt cement binder present in asphalt pavements. The product restores the asphaltene to maltene ratio in the binder to a new like condition. It has a proven 40 year history of extending the life of asphalt pavements by improving its permeability, flexibility and resistance to cracking and raveling. The combination approach of the Skidabrader/Reclamite process now allows Reclamite to be safely used on higher speed roadways while they are still in good condition to keep them in good condition thereby lengthening the time between resurfacing cycles. Demonstrated by PAVEMENT TECHNOLOGY INC.