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      Funding Plan Recommendations, with Questions and Answers, October 22, 2012 (PDF)


     Topics Covered:

1.      How much more revenue will we need?

2.      Transportation Funding Findings to Date and Conclusions Reached”

3.      Would the $1.3 billion additional just maintain our current road condition or improve it?

4.      While the models cited above set quality targets and then calculate how much it would take to achieve those targets, what if we simply lower our goals? How much less would that cost?

5. How should we raise the additional $1.3 billion revenue?

6.      6. Will The Recommended Increases Provide the Stream of Revenue Needed Over the Next Ten Years?

7.      7. Are There Other Viable Options?

8.      8. Sales Tax Increase?

9.      9. Proposal A vs. Proposal B Approach?

10.  10. How does Michigan’s gas tax rate compare with other states’?

11.  11. How can we be sure we are getting value for our hardworking taxpayers’ dollars?

a.      a. Potentials

                                           i.      Asset Management and Pavement Preservation - How Are We Doing in Michigan?

                                           ii.      Buy-Out of Local Federal-Aid Dollars.

                                          iii.      Warranties on Road Construction?

b.      b. Dry Holes Drilled – Diversions that did not pan out.

                                           i.      Can we get more of our federal gas tax money returned to Michigan?

                                           ii.      Why Don’t We Just Change the Weight Limits for Trucks Which Cause Most of the Road Damage?

                                          iii.      Auditor General’s Audit Report.

12.  12. How should the additional revenue raised be distributed? Proposed allocation of funds under Olson proposed SHB 5303 (the Commercial Corridor Fund Bill) (Excel file)

13.  13. Why does the MDOT graph show such a rapid drop in road quality into the future when we can see MDOT has made such good progress towards its 90% good or fair goal since 1997?

14.  14. What is the perceived priority ranking of the Transportation Funding Bills?

15.  15. How is Michigan doing compared to other states in road quality?

16.  Is there data easily obtainable on the cost of doing nothing for roads?